In modern-day business, maintaining a safe and manageable network connection can be a rather complex task. With Ransomware attacks, OS exploits, and many more vulnerabilities, securing your network requires constant monitoring by trained and proactive professionals to prevent such attacks from being executed. Cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly complicated and even with trained, professional IT personnel, they can go undetected. With the advent of Endpoint Detection and Response technologies however, the monitoring and countermeasures to network attacks have been consolidated drastically.

With Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), proactivity takes a new form in the shape of prevention and analysis of potential security threats and attacks. Malicious activity detection and threat details are provided to the network administrators after the installation of DSG’s management software on the host computer. Through this system of “vaccinated” host devices, network analysis is streamlined by identifying and repelling both external and internal threats. This analysis can be done either through host-oriented machine learning or through a central management system, with each lending towards a more encompassing security coverage of your network.

Further analysis of Endpoint Detection and Response technologies demonstrates the reasons behind its increasing uses in professional network security solutions. Firstly, EDR’s automated response abilities help assist IT Specialists in the mitigation of the effects of network attacks and breaches. Through proactive deterrence of threats and breach reports, the frequency and severity of breaches are reduced allowing our IT Specialists to dedicate more of their time and skills to you, the client. In addition to automated response abilities and proactive blocking, certain EDR’s can handle numerous threats at once.

For Dynamic Solutions Group, Endpoint Detection and Response technologies are quickly becoming an invaluable tool in the arsenal of our professional IT Specialists to prevent the spread of increasingly complex network attacks and data breaches. The development of proactive defense software has helped free up the skills of our professionals to better manage and address the daily IT needs of our clients, rather than becoming entangled in breaches such as ransomware attacks. Through EDR technology, DSG’s IT solutions will become more proactive and automated to help prevent and monitor the attacks from bad actors all over the world looking to interrupt the ebb and flow of your important business routines.