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Dynamic Solutions Group offers complete IT Disaster Recovery Solutions that are cost effective, easy to use and scalable. We understand the importance of your business data!

In a recent survey, commissioned by Hewlett Packard, it was discovered that as many as 31% of small businesses do not have a business continuity plan in place. This survey also revealed that companies view taking a reactive approach to recovering from unplanned downtime or disasters gives them a competitive edge over their competitors. Having a computer backup solution in place can help your business get back up and running more quickly in the event of a disaster allowing for increased business continuity and availability. It will also help protect your businesses most valuable asset, your business data.

Businesses today are leaning more and more towards a combination of local backups with cloud based offsite storage solutions. These solutions offer many benefits over traditional backup solutions. Having a cloud based offsite backup will help protect your data in the event of disaster, theft, viruses or misplaced or stolen backup tapes. These automated solutions also take away the hassle of having to switch tapes or external hard drivers on a daily basis. Dynamic Solutions Group can design an IT Disaster Recovery Solution for your business today.

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