Advanced Network Services

Need advanced level support and solutions? We are here to help!

Dynamic Solutions Group Advanced Network Services team provides world class services to our customer to improve their networks and implement new services in all aspects of their network infrastructure. Our Advanced Network Services team’s primary focus is on providing complex design, performance and optimization services to our customers deploying and utilizing the latest networking technologies.

Our Advanced Network Services team works with the most advanced technologies and the best technical experts in the industry. Team Members are technical subject matter experts is a variety of areas and thoroughly understand our partner’s products, features, functions, and benefits while being able to communicate with all levels of an organization. They understand customer requirements for their networks and explain how proposed solutions will integrate with current infrastructure, as well as service future needs.

Need things documents? Our team can create network documentation for public/internal audiences and perform cost analysis regarding multiple products.

Site Surveys & Deployment Assistance

We can perform site surveys and provide onsite deployment assistance on large deployments as well. With our solid understanding of wired networks, including firewalls, content filters, routing/switching, VLAN’s, etc. you are on your way to a Stress-Free IT environment.

Network Security

Our Consulting Services team is uniquely qualified to build, extend, or upgrade your network to ensure that it is protected, up-to-date, and delivers on your security requirements with the proper network firewalls, intrusion detection services, VPNs and more.