A New Way to Communicate

Digium Switchvox is more than an IP PBX, it’s Digium’s proven family of business phone systems for small and medium businesses. Switchvox phone systems are designed to be easy to use, and easy to manage while bringing affordable Unified Communications solutions to businesses.

The Digium IP Phones include the following models:

  • D40—An entry-level HD IP phone with 2-line keys. This is Digium’s best value phone, designed for any employee in the company.
  • D45—An entry-level  gigabit-capable, HD IP phone with 2-line keys. This is Digium’s best value phone, designed for any employee in the company.
  • D50—A mid-level HD IP phone with 4-line keys and 10 rapid dial/busy lamp field (BLF) keys with an easy to print paper label strip for the user’s most important contacts. This model is perfect for managers or users who need easy access to their key contacts and features directly from the desk phone.
  • D70—An executive-level HD IP phone with 6-line keys and 10 rapid dial/busy lamp field (BLF) keys and real-time status information displayed on an additional LCD screen, allowing users to quickly navigate through up to 100 of their most important contacts. Designed for administrators or executives, the D70 offers top-of-the-line features.

Digium has been shaking up the world of proprietary telecom since they invented Asterisk, the world’s most successful open source telephony project. In fact, Digium’s Switchvox Unified Communications system is built on the Asterisk platform and is designed for interoperability. This award-winning solution gives your business a better way to communicate, with greater savings and more productivity. Switchvox – why just talk when you can communicate? It’s smarter Unified Communications.

With Switchvox, SMBs can have enterprise-class features at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Imagine being able to replace your current phone system, gain more features and save more money! You’ll be amazed by this web interface that makes it easy to see and manage your calls, plus you can integrate your office communications – chat, fax, video….even conferencing.

Want to see the Switchvox in action?
 This short video shows you why Switchvox continues to win industry awards and recognition. You’ll be amazed with Switchvox – the business phone system that gives you enterprise class features at a price you can afford. See how to put this powerful system to work in your business.

If you’re like most businesses, you want a system that will easily accommodate future growth, without unexpected expenses. Scalability and advanced features are just what Switchvox provides. This family of appliances enables you to easily add new users and office locations as your business grows, without disrupting your current communication system. Plus, with the benefit of subscriptions, when new features are released, your system is always kept current. Updates are made server-side and all clients are updated at the same time.