Apple Business Solutions

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are thriving in companies everywhere, thanks to the popularity of iPhone, iPad, and the powerful iOS platform. Read on to learn how enterprises are realizing big productivity gains across the board with BYOD and how to build your own program.

iPad in Business Ready for Work

Whether it’s the new iPad mini or the iPad with Retina display, there’s an iPad for every business. With iOS 6 and thousands of business apps, iPad transforms the way you work. Learn more…

iPhone in Business Works with your work

iOS is the best platform for business — hands down. From improving productivity to offering secure and immediate access to information, iOS provides the solid foundation to change the way your business works. With so many apps available to businesses in the App Store there is a solution for every task. And apps on the App Store are just the beginning. There are several different types of apps — those commercially available from the App Store, those developed in-house by an organization, and those created by a developer for a specific customer. No other mobile platform has this variety of app options, making iOS a complete ecosystem for apps. Learn more…

Business Solutions Bringing it all together

Providing You and Your Business the expertise needed to run your business on Apple products. Let us show you how Snow Leopard Server makes it easy for everyone in your organization to collaborate, communicate, and share information.Whether your business is Architecture, Retail, Legal, Real Estate, Finance, Health or the industry Dynamic Solutions Group has the expertise to design, implement and support an Apple based solution for your business. When you run a business, work & life cross paths throughout your day – at the office, at home, and on the go. Use one computer that is powerful, secure, and flexible enough to allow you to work and live on your own terms. The Mac platform brings it all together. Learn more…

Get Started

New to using iPhone for work? Check out these resources to get you going now. Experienced business users, dive in to learn more.