Works with your Work

iPhone connects seamlessly to Microsoft Exchange and standards-based servers for corporate email, calendar, and contacts. And your data is secure with support for encrypted data in transmission, hardware encryption for data at rest, and encrypted backups in iTunes. iPhone also supports Cisco IPSec VPN and WPA2 Enterprise for secure access to corporate networks. And it makes quick work of configuration and deployment across your business.

Email, Calendar, and Contacts

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

If your office uses Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or 2007, you can wirelessly push email, calendar events, and contacts to iPhone. And with enhanced features like searching your inbox and server, creating calendar invitations directly from iPhone, and dialing out from calendar events on iPhone, it’s easier to stay on top of your game.

Standards-based servers

iPhone also supports standards-based servers for mail, calendar, and contacts integration. Sync with IMAP mail servers and search the mail server from your iPhone. Integrate with common CalDAV-compliant calendar servers like iCal Server, Oracle Beehive, Kerio, and Zimbra. Sync subscribed calendars to your iPhone. And find colleagues fast by searching LDAP servers from either the mail or contacts app on your iPhone.

Securing your data

iPhone protects your data through encryption of information in transmission, at rest on the device, and when backed up to iTunes. iPhone also provides secure methods to prevent unauthorized use of the device through passcode policies and restrictions. In the event of a lost or stolen iPhone, you can even clear all data and settings by issuing a remote wipe command from Exchange.

Network communications stay secure with Cisco IPSec VPN, WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi, and SSL/TLS on iPhone. Exchange users can enforce complex pass-codes, camera restrictions, and other policies on iPhone to protect corporate data. And certificate-based authentication enables iPhone to connect with corporate servers via Exchange as well as VPN On Demand, making network communications seamless and secure.

Deploying iPhone across your business

Configuration profiles

Deploying iPhone across an enterprise is easy with configuration profiles. Establish corporate passcode policies and settings with configuration profiles created and distributed via USB or over the air. With configuration profiles, you can remotely configure your company’s VPN, email, and wireless network settings, ensuring that each iPhone is secure and ready for business.

Configuration profiles also make it easy to install device restrictions and certificates on iPhone for authentication to Cisco IPSec VPN servers, 802.1x-based wireless networks, Exchange Servers, and other corporate services. For users, installing a configuration profile is as easy as tapping a secure web link or receiving an email with the configuration profile attached. Configuration profiles can be signed and encrypted — and once installed, individual users can be restricted from removing these profiles from their iPhones.

Enterprise Deployment Scenarios

Learn how iPhone integrates seamlessly into enterprise environments with these deployment scenarios and device configuration overviews.

  • Download all deployment scenarios
  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • WPA2 Enterprise/802.1X
  • Digital Certificates
  • Device Configuration
  • Over-the-Air Enrollment and Configuration

Security Overview

Find out how iPhone protects against unauthorized access, safeguards data at rest, and enables secure access to corporate services.

  • Security Overview

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