For businesses, video surveillance gives you the power to see, respond, intervene and mitigate risks, if and when they arise.

When thinking of video surveillance, many business owners think of retail. However, it has become more and more commonplace to see video cameras in all types of businesses now. Low cost of installation and ease of access via cloud technologies has made video surveillance more appealing to everyone. These systems ensure greater safety at a fraction of the cost.

In the past, many larger companies have used video surveillance and had the feeds monitored by security experts. Events captured on video were used to investigate important information and act as video evidence after an event had occurred. Current technologies however, make real time monitoring an easy to implement solution.

One of the more appealing characteristics of video surveillance is the fact that they are so easily accessible from any location on any connected device. So surveillance is possible from anywhere, any time.

Many businesses today are taking a proactive stance when it comes to security, risk management and loss mitigation. Business owners are using video surveillance to protect not only employees, but also their assets, as well as minimize their exposure to liabilities and lawsuits.

Cloud networking and hardware innovations have made video surveillance more powerful, simple, and cost-effective than ever before. Smartvue is a leader in cloud based surveillance solutions. Dynamic Solutions Group in Palm Harbor has chosen Smartvue as a solution for clients with Video Surveillance needs for their businesses.

To meet the challenges of scalable, worldwide, video surveillance and security, Smartvue helps organizations simply and securely take advantage of cloud computing and storage by delivering live, recorded, and stored network video surveillance through its Cloudvue service powered by Windows Azure.

  • Cloudvue enables organizations to centrally manage and view video surveillance from thousands of servers and cameras worldwide
  • Point and click configuration enables users to quickly and easily integrate cloud empowered video surveillance using existing networks, hardware, and infrastructure
  • Cloudvue supports secure, unlimited video surveillance backup and storage with triple redundancy with Windows Azure
  • Sharevue makes the sharing of video incidents with users worldwide simple and easy
  • Smartvue supports plug-and-play integration with more than 200 industry-leading network video surveillance cameras including HD and megapixel cameras.

Smartvue video surveillance systems work on almost any Windows and Apple based web-browser and are available as free Apps for Windows 8 Metro, iPad, iPhone, and Android.

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