Reactive network management methods are a time consuming and relatively cost inefficient method of IT moderation with today’s necessity for uninterrupted network connectivity. When daily issues and outages occur, reactive network methods struggle to respond fast enough to minimize downtime and losses. Because of the increasing volume and frequency of problems businesses experience daily, proactive behavior has become the most efficient and effective manner of solving your network problems. Rather than waiting for issues to arise from unmanaged network devices, proactive methods seek to maintain good standing of network health and security.

With proactive networking solutions, DSG can help to remedy the occurrence of sudden issues that disrupt the flow of your business’s daily activities. When network health and security aren’t maintained proactively, inefficiencies and security risks can coalesce to cause issues further down the road. By utilizing proactive methods in networking, DSG is able to address dormant security issues and sudden network outages to significantly reduce and remedy issues in your day-to-day business flow. With DSG proactively managing your business’s network, daily disruptions largely become a concern of the past, allowing you to recapture efficiency lost to inefficiencies from reactive network management.

Through the utilization of proactive networking methods, your company is able to regain valuable time from the inherent inefficiencies present in reactive network maintenance. Instead of managing daily issues and outages, the power of productivity and effective time management is given back to your company. Without proactive methods however, businesses are estimated to have an average 14.1 hours of network downtime annually, costing small businesses an estimated ~$1.6 million every year. With DSG’s proactive network management, your company is empowered to reduce average downtime and employee inactivity due to network outages.

By utilizing a variety of methods to prevent network issues, DSG considers itself to be a leader in proactive networking. To begin with, DSG’s compliance checking methods set out to ensure the health and practices of company technology as well as auditing accounts to ensure maintained security. In addition to this, DSG has also developed proprietary software systems and techniques to complete quality assurance checks in order to proactively ensure the integrity of devices and applications on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis. Finally, DSG also continues to maintain client documentation to customize efficient and effective methods in order to uniquely manage your company network. Overall, DSG’s proactive networking management methods are able to save your company ~37% of the cost that an unmanaged computer would cost you on your network, or approximately $1,850 per computer annually.