What are Dark Web Monitoring Services? With the utilization of profiles and identities linked to our personal and financial lives online, so to has digital identity theft increased to exploit the growing amount of vulnerable data services online. With their advent of large online data breaches targeting companies, personal information online has become a liability to manage and protect. After capturing digital identities of victims online, criminals turn to the dark web to sell it. Because of growing amounts of online theft, the dark web has become a shrouded “Hub”, acting as an exchange forum to sell and trade stolen information to bad actors around the world.

Because of the sheer amount of company data breaches in the modern day, personal information can be exchanged on the dark web unbeknownst to the victim. With stolen credentials, criminals can cause both personal and financial damages with the identifying information from the victim. This can include signing up for accounts using personal information, using stolen credit card numbers, stealing your Social Security Number, and much more. Because of this hidden exchange of stolen information, it is greatly beneficial to invest in dark web monitoring methods to track and notify you of breached information.

Dark Web Monitoring services use multiple methods to ensure that peace of mind is attained when managing both personal and enterprise information. From monitoring dark web markets and forums, to scanning thousands of dark web addresses, monitoring services strive to utilize the most comprehensive techniques to ensure no stone is left unturned. In addition to these automated scans, some dark web monitoring services also utilize human input as well. With the unison of automation and human intelligence, dark web monitoring services seek to drastically reduce the possibility that your personal information unknowingly remains on the dark web, ready to be exploited. Is your company and data protected for these new threats?